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08:41 pm: Movies and tv shows of January 2017

1. Westworld season 1.

2. The Purge
You know what this reminded me of? Svend Åge Madsen's book "Jagten på et menneske". It's got the same basic idea - society reacting to unemployment and poverty by legalizing the exploitation of the masses even more than usually.

3. The Loft

4. Now You See Me 2

5. Shinya Shokudo season 3.
It's funny - I found that, as the season went on, there was less and less happy endings to be found in this show. Bitter-sweet at best. It makes me sad. Oh well. I wonder how the movies go?

6. The Human Stain
It's okay. I found the entire "crow that doesn't know how to be a crow" metaphor to be a bit too much, as if the audience was too stupid to do without. Oh well. I especially liked the young!Coleman segments, perhaps in part because Wentworth Miller, but also the dramatic irony of the later racism accusation.

7. The Purge: Anarchy
I am beginning to find these movies a little worrying considering the present political situation.

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