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02:30 pm: Books and Comics of December

Ben Aaronovitch: The Hanging Tree

Svetlana Aleksijevitj: Secondhand Time

Bernard Cornwell: The Pagan Lord
I really wish BC would think of some other way to get the plot rolling than "Uhtred loses all the rewards he got last book".

Deborah Harkness: The Book of Life

Kim Harrison: The Undead Pool

N.K. Jemisin: The Obelisk Gate
Well, that was disappointing. That was - I mean, the book is well-written, it's just - did much of anything even happen? So many pages and for just a couple of revelations... (Hopefully the third in the trilogy will be better, and this is just second-book-in-a-trilogy-syndrome)

Naomi Novik: League of Dragons


Brian Azzarello: Wonder Woman: Flesh

Kurt Busiek: Astro City: Through Open Doors
See, now this is the kind of stories I'm reading Astro City for - the normal people in a world of superheroes. Well, almost normal. Like the story of Marella Cowper, a nice, normal girl who gets a job at the hotline for the local Justice League/Avengers equivalent - and then one day she makes the wrong call while deciding whether a call really needed a superhero response or just the local social workers. Or the story of Martha Sullivan, who got telekinetic powers as a teen, but just never fitted into the hero or villain role, so she ended up making a career in special effects instead - and others like her, people with powers who use them for down-to-earth things and don't play the big games - except sometimes some people try to make them anyway...

Christos Gage: Angel & Faith: Death and Consequences

Neil Gaiman: The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch

Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti: All-Star Western: The Black Diamond Probability

Francis Manapul: The Flash: Gorilla Warfare

Scott Snyder: Swamp Thing: Family Tree
I'll just be over here, fundamentally failing to understand why the Rot and the Green would be enemies in the first place...

J. Michael Straczynski: Ten Grand vol. 2.

Yana Toboso: Black Butler 20.

Total number of books and comics read this month: 16
Currently reading: Haabet by Mick Vraa and Livets barske lektie III by Helene Th. Svolgart

Total number of books and comics read this year: 250

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