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Wednesday Reading Meme

Summer proceeds apace. Really, very little is happening. It rained yesterday and this morning, but not enough to get anywhere near close to removing the countrywide fire ban. At least we don't have quite as epic fires as Sweden has going. Yet.

Holiday plans also proceeding apace. I'll need to buy a new suitcase - the handle is literally falling off the old one, which was a fairly cheap, supermarket born specimen, which has followed me loyally these last few years.

What I've recently finished reading

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What I've recently watched

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What I'm reading now

Plato's Laws (don't judge me, it's a slow read), Carol K. Carr's India Black and the Widow of Windsor, Henrik Pontoppidan's Lykke-Per and Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 147

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LoT reaction post: Here I Go Again

Wait - so where they in the 70s or the Age of Napoleon?

Oops. Guess Zari broke time.

Dear Zari. Just tell them you're in a time loop. They've heard weirder, I promise.

And Nate goes and gets distracted back into his relationship drama despite imminent danger of explosions.

I'm a little offended that they've immediately fixated on Rory to investigate.

"Mick's writing a sci-fi romance novel." Awwwwwww. And protecting his type writer with all the traps.

It was all a dream - well, a simulation run over and over again. Oh well...

And now Sara is agreeing to help Zari save her brother, because from Sara's completely arbitrary place in history the events involved are the future...

"Buck is such a mitfit, that at the end, we just want to see him embrace his new family." Damnit. Listen, twin suns and heaving bosoms aside, I had such high hopes that Mick would be the rare writer in a tv show who wasn't just writing his own fucking life story. That Highlander episode, NCIS's Thom E. Gemcity, the entirety of Castle - you'd think whoever are writing these shows can just occasionally imagine a writer not writing thinly veiled documentary and autobiographies???

And we end with Rip rudely interrupting poor Wally's meditation.

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LoT reaction post: Daddy Darkhest

Nice Constantine-themed logo.

John Constantine: *flirts at Leo*
Leo: "Charmed, but I'm spoken for."

Wait - that was the oh no homophobic!Mick comment? "His girlfriend's a guy!"? From Mick? That's about the same as when he told Hex that Sara liked "other fillies".

And now I am left wanting John to ask Mick for a light. Just to make sure he gets to flirt with everybody, and not just the people who canonically have compatible sexuality. (I mean, we all know Mick and Len were married etc., but the show runners probably missed it.)

Why does Len's eyes remind me of a snake?

And the plot thickens. Hello, Nora.

Cold gun seems very efficient vs. Kuasa the water witch. But why, oh why, did Leo just give the gun to Nate like that? Don't throw away your weapons while in enemy territory, Leo, you moron. That can't go well.

Where is Mick, anyway?

What kind of a demon name is Mallus, anyway? Sounds more like something a more cleverly named demon might be hiding behind.

And now we've got the three canon queer legends - to bisexual and a gay man - stuck in a 60s mental hospital. Good times.

And - a mental hospital with serious malpractice issues. I can't believe even in the 60s it was acceptable to stumble across a random person in a mental hospital, not registered anywhere, and go straight for the lobotomy without as much as putting the patient under first. (And it's all well and good that somebody wanted Sara and John to have a fling, but maybe not when your third team mate is AWOL in a mental hospital in the 60s??? That's as bad as Nate and Amaya going at it while Mick was held captive by English soldiers that time.)

Also - Zari? Maybe kidnapping a minor out of a mental institution in 2017 isn't the brightest idea?

Leo just had the most sensible line in the entire episode, methinks.

You'd think a demon at Jitters would attract the Flash?

And John Constantine just happens to have a bottle with Phoenix ashes, doesn't he? That's just standard sorcerer stuff, keeps it around in case of - you know. Anything.

Awww, Mick actually turned the sound of his game and gave Leo a hug.

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Wednesday Reading Meme

Life sucks a bit. I thought my cold was nearly gone the last few days of last week, was even well enough to go with [personal profile] lysanatt to a concert one day and out for dinner with some of the people I went to Switzerland with a few years ago the next, except then it came back with a vengeance this weekend, so now I am staying home from work again. Which is embarrassing and makes me feel guilty.

I suspect my cold might be a mild flu. [personal profile] lysanatt, please tell me I didn't infect you?

(Also, it's been keeping me so much indoors, that I still don't have a Kyogre. I had been thinking I'd at least have time for a few visits to Fisketorvet, try my luck there, but I am beginning to suspect that won't happen. And I still haven't been to see Downsizing and suspect I'll end up having to wait for the dvd. Things suck in general right now, okay?)

What I've recently finished reading

Holly Black: Lucifer: Cold Heaven
It's okay. It feels a bit like HB wants to tick off as many elements from Carey's comics as she can get to, but that's fine. I enjoyed the visit to the Dreaming.

Elan Mastai: All Our Wrong Todays
Either I just read a fairly lackluster time travel story about a guy called Tom Barren, or I read a slightly more engaging, but ultimately not that much better story about an honestly very unsympathetic man named John Barren having an epic breakdown of some sort.

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Jan Guillou: Ordets makt och vanmakt: mity skrivande liv
I primarily read this autobiography, because I've been reading Guillou's family saga series and the last couple of books have been focusing on a single character, which I've been suspecting of being, well, himself. Having read this and his wikipedia page, I'm beginning to think the character is, well - his personal Mary Sue, I suppose. Autobiographical novel as he retrospectively would have liked it to be? A bit more exciting than real life.

Daniel Branca: Disney's Hall of Fame: Daniel Branca
My recent Yuletide writing left me in the mood for good old-school Disney comics. There's some nice Magica ones in this, even if I can't help but feel it slightly jarring to have internet in this 'verse. There's something eternally 50s about Duckburg to me.

Richard K. Morgan: Altered Carbon
I liked this well enough. I must admit, I didn't really find the plot - a fairly standard detective noir story complete with femme fatales and other tropes - particularly new, but I liked the setting and I liked the main character. That said, perhaps - having first read the author's fantasy trilogy "A Land Fit For Heroes" - I feel that the entire concept of the stacks and sleeve technology, well - the book focuses a lot on social inequalities between the ultra-rich and the normal (and poorer) people (and is way too fixated on brothels and prostitutes in its plot for my taste), while certain other aspects of the sleeve tech that seems obvious to me is never even touched on (yes, I am talking about anything LGBT+). Oh well. It's only the first book in a trilogy. There's time.

Brian Michael Bendis: Death of Spider-Man
Brian Michael Bendis: Death of Spider-Man Fallout
So, I read these because I want to read the Miles Morales comics and needed the background for Peter Parker being gone. And while the actual death of comic just left me wanting to slap the ultimate version of Steve Rogers - then again, that one is an asshole - the fallout one? The funeral? Ouch.

What I've recently watched

4. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
It's fun. Fairly forgettable, but it's got Charlie Hunnam, who is always a pleasure, and it's basically Arthurian High Fantasy done as a heist movie, so. Fun.

5. Tom of Finland
Somebody please STOP FUCKING KILLING JAKOB OFTEBRO. Ahem, that said - interesting. Maybe a bit - there seems to be a certain collection of standard tropes of gay biopic movies and it hits them all? But it's a nice movie, it has lovely scenes (I loved the bit with the Jewish printer.)

What I'm reading now
Peter Ackroyd's Queer City. I might need to read some of his fiction.

What I'm reading next
Either a Russian dystopic novel from the early 20th century or a new Danish novel set in Medieval England. Anybody want to vote for either one?

Total number of books and comics read this year: 19

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Wednesday Reading Meme

I've been staying home with a cold the last couple of days. Even had to cancel a trip to the cinema, but considering the fever I had, I don't think anybody would have thanked me for going.

It's been a pretty quiet week, actually. Saturday I went with [personal profile] lysanatt and [personal profile] blnchflr to visit an art exhibit (I, uncultured swine that I am, am still not entirely sure what was exhibit and what was just business as usual), tried to watch a couple of different movies and then went to eat at Copenhagen's oldest Japanese restaurant (where we'll probably go again, the food was delicious).

Also, in unrelated news, I've decided to start actually trying to review at least some of the books I read on Goodreads, instead of just using it to keep track of what I've read. If anybody is interested, I'm Oneiriad over there as well.

What I've recently finished reading

Natasha Pulley: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street
I quite enjoyed this book. There's something quiet and elegant about it, and at times a little sad. Thaniel is a nice enough fellow and Mori is interesting, and probably not-so-secretly a Moriarty level criminal genius. On the other hand, I - Grace. I started out liking her and felt that I was supposed to like her, and then things happened, and I ended up really, really not liking her. I suspect the turning point came when she had the trees cut down. It was such a petty bit of deliberate cruelty.

Peter Tudvad: Manteuffel
I must admit, I'm a bit torn about this novel. On one hand, it's a quite good, by turns bloody and tragic story about a proper vampire count in the mess that was the Reformation in Germany, and it is very well written. On the other hand, the story tends to wander off into a bit heavier theology than I tend to look for in vampire novels - it reminded me a bit of Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose that way - and I am left with the vague suspicion that the author was trying to sneakily teach me things. Oh well...

Sylvain Runberg: Darwin's Diaries: The Eye of the Celts
I like the concept of Charles Darwin also being interested in, well, cryptids and/or werewolves. It just felt too short to really give me enough to decide whether I like this or not.

Kaite Welsh: The Wages of Sin
This is not a nice book. We follow Sarah Gilchrist, who is studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh, having barely convinced her family that it was better to have a daughter studying medicine than to have a daughter permanently locked up in some upper class "sanatorium", and then she ends up investigating the death of a prostitute from the slums. The details we are gradually given about Sarah's backstory, the trap of her life even now, as well as her interactions with her fellow students and her visits to the Edinburgh slums are - quite often unpleasant, really. At first I was reminded a bit of Lene Kaaberbøl's novels about Madeleine Karno (woman studying medicine, late 19th century, murder mysteries), but while those have a gothic thing going, this book is a lot unkinder to its main character, even if the murder mystery is fairly run-of-the-mill (I briefly entertained the thought that there might be something Jekyll-and-Hyde going on, which would have been appropriate enough, considering the setting, but nope.) It is a well-written book and a good book - but it is not a nice book.

Robert Kirkman: The Walking Dead: A Certain Doom
Oh look, more zombies. Why am I still reading this again?

Leigh Bardugo: Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Let's start with the things I really enjoyed in this book: the way this book imagines Themyscira and the Amazons, what they are and where they come from, is definitely one of my favourite versions. The idea of Themyscira as a women's Valhalla, just nicer, makes me happy. I like this Diana - young and untried and wanting to prove herself as an Amazon, and her confidence in dealing with the world outside. And I like how Leigh Bardugo decided to make the outside-world person who ends up drawing Diana away from Themyscira is, for once, not Steve Trevor, but instead a girl. Also the plot element of for once not having to kill someone to stop a war, which frankly feels more Wonder Woman than killing the God of War, though that just might be me.

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What I've recently watched

3. Power Rangers
I must confess, I was underwhelmed by this movie. The whole thing felt like it'd been planned at a board meeting - must have cast of main characters fitting all these diversity point slots (don't get me wrong, diversity is wonderful, this particular movie felt like somebody was filling slots), must have the standard action movie/superhero origin story plotline with specific points, + plotline mixed in that was used in almost every episode of the first Power Rangers tv show from back when I was a tiny kid. And they'd gone with the same sort of CGI look that movies like Transformers has, and it just didn't feel right.

What I'm reading now

Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon, since Netflix will be releasing the tv show soon. So far, so good.

What I'm reading next

We'll see.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 12

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I just need to rant a bit

tricorn by galadhir

Wednesday Reading Meme

I went to see the New Year's Concert at work this friday, having secured one of the free tickets. It was fun. Classical music meets breakdance makes for an entertaining concert.

What I've recently finished reading

Trine V. Ipsen: Under skoven danser vi
I think what I mostly feel about this book is frustration. It's set in some sort of alternate early-18th century, where Napoleon has still happened, but history is strongly implied to have unfolded in some radically different ways - except that bit of worldbuilding only happens in something like two pages, a throwaway description of a map of what is supposed to be Denmark. The book mostly focuses on a - well - I found her ultimately unsympathetic heroine in a YA-ish plot where she's drafted for a special military unit and ostracized for being too good and everything is DRAMA. I found the concept of the Cold-blooded Beasts - some sort of infection turning animals - usually predators - reptilian-ish and into heat-vampires with mind control powers - interesting. I suppose they are to blame for how AU this world apparently is - and I do find the concept of specially trained spies deliberately exposing themselves to the cold blood to gain mind control powers interesting, it just - the concept is interesting, but the execution let me down?

Jason Aaron: Doctor Strange: The Way of the Weird
I found this quite entertaining. I enjoy the Stephen Strange that has gone so far into magic that it's changed him a lot, I enjoy whatever Wong is up to of mysterious, sneaky no-doubt-for-Strange's-own-good and I quite enjoyed Zelma the librarian.

What I've recently watched

I've watched the first episode of French sf tv series Missions, and I am going to give it a couple of more episodes to stop being all interpersonal mostly relationship drama and actually remember it's about the first manned visit to Mars and mysterious things are afoot. And I think, when I am done with this post, I'll sit down and watch the first episode of Black Lightning.

2. Elverkongen
This movie - honestly, it felt like they should take it back for some more editing. At least the sound. And everything is acted so stiffly, so - it's boring, okay? Don't waste that hour of your life.

What I'm reading now

Peter Tudvad's Manteuffel and Natasha Pulley's The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, but I am almost done with the both of them.

What I'm reading next

Decisions, decisions.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 6

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Wednesday Reading Meme - now with extra stuff

Rather embarrassingly I managed to skip the first week of this year's post. Bad me. Ahem.

What I've recently finished reading

Carrie Vaughn: Kitty saves the world
And so we come to an end. You know, even with the threat of Yellowstone volcanic eruption, this felt a bit - the end of the threat of Roman wasn't quite as epic as a villain as terrible as he was usually referred to deserved? Anyway - I liked how practically every friend and ally of Kitty's from the previous books made appearances. Including Sun Wukong :-)

Lukian: Havdialoger
I really need to read more Lucian.

Frank Madsen: Bob Dylan svarer ikke!

Warren Ellis: Injection vol. 2.
Reading volume two you have the advantage that things are actually making sense now. So, I am still enjoying this series. This time I got to follow consulting detective Vivek Headland investigate a case involving the theft of a ghost with added bits of cannibalism, and of course it all ties back to the Injection, the supernatural creature that somebody (*cough*the main characters*cough*) thought it was a brilliant idea to put in the Internet to make the future interesting...

Geoff Johns: Justice League: Darkseid War part. 2.
I found myself rather liking the story about the rebel Amazon and her daughter by Darkseid. It's messed up, but that feels appropriate.

Michelle Sagara: Cast in Flight
Almost. We were so close to a novel where things didn't get fixed by the heroine's mystical magical tattoos doing weird things and her just following her instincts, but we didn't quite avoid it this time either. Still, I found this book better than some of the previous ones, maybe because at least Kaylin didn't spend the entire book wandering off into places she had no business going? This actually mostly followed the story of people investigating a crime - the attempted murders on Kaylin's new roommate, a fellow Hawk who is apparently the Aerian version of the divine incarnate - and there's a fancy dinner with dragons halfway through. It was fun.

Greg Rucka: Wonder Woman: The Lies
I liked this considerably more than the other WW comics I've encountered - and since the last one of those made me go "WTF was Grant Morrison thinking?", that was a pleasant surprise. I especially enjoyed the Cheetah and her and Diana teaming up, and I am interested in following Diana's search for the real Themyscira now.

Maria Turtschaninoff: Naondel
This is a horrible book. By which I don't mean that it is a not a good book - it is. The characters are good, the descriptions, the world building. It's just - awful, because awful things happen, again and again and again, relentlessly until the very end. It's like that torture porn H/C fanvid some years ago (On the prowl?), in that we get most of a book telling the story of a collection of (mostly magically inclined) women unwillingly ending up in the harem of an evil vizier. There is so much rape and hurt in this book, it's not even remotely funny, and while we get a happy ending (and having read the previous book, Maresi, which this is a prequel for, you know you'll get to the point where the characters somehow escape and go build a women's only monastery on a tiny island far away) it felt like too few pages at the end to balance out the rest. But it is a good book, except that it's horrible. (Should I read Arra as well now?)

Claus Lund Rosenkilde: Den usynlige bog
Hmmm. Okay, so - this is a very straightforward locked room murder mystery of the old school. Seriously old school. We've even got a scene where the local Poirot/Sherlock/Miss Marple equivalent gets to assemble everybody in the locked room and explain how it all happened. And it's set at my place of work. And - this is where I might be unfair, but that bit - is not so good. It's not bad, either. If you're not familiar with the place, I imagine it's fine. I just - it's clearly set a couple of years in the future (since there's no bridge there yet and that building is not done yet, so it must be), and it just feels off. Internal building geography - they walk down a hallway leading away from that reading room to get into the reading room? And we've got no paternoster. And no, I don't care about the ambience, open flame in the old building would never be allowed. And I'm fairly sure that if we did find a mysterious room full of old spell books, they'd go to preservation department before any researchers got to touch them. And... yeah, you get what I'm trying to say, right? I suspect the author read our website and probably visited himself and strolled through the building, but never went further...

What I've recently watched

1. Castlevania season 1.
This was fun. I mean, it feels more like a prologue than a proper season of anything, but it's fun. Even though I still mostly cheer for the villain - well, the vampiric villain, not that bishop asshole. And I enjoyed watching poor Trevor Belmont who just wants to be left in peace except there are monsters that needs to be fought, and I am going to look forward to season 2 and watching Belmont and Alucard and Sylpha have some nice OT3 moments, please.

What I'm reading now

Peter Tudvad's Manteuffel, aka a vampire novel with a terrible title.

What I'm reading next

Well, I just put a copy of Trine Ipsen's fantasy novel Under skoven danser vi in my bag to have something to read on the train tomorrow.

Total number of books and comics read last year: 202

Total number of books and comics read this year: 4

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