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December 25th, 2017

01:59 pm: Yuletide
I feel that everybody needs to read my present from this year's Yuletide exchange, which is an absolutely lovely Dinotopia fanfic with a T-rex giving a TED talk. It's brilliant. Go read.

Improvise (3976 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dinotopia - James Gurney
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Dinosaur OC, Human OC
Additional Tags: TED Talk
Summary: "Hello. Thank you. Breathe deep. My name is Thundertooth, of the line of Crookeye. Though, to be fair, you might know me better from some of my other roles." </p>

A TED tale from modern Dinotopia.

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December 24th, 2017

02:03 pm:

Hmm. Anybody know when the Yuletide archive is due to open this year?
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December 14th, 2017

01:22 pm: Long term planning
Apparently, starting next year, Dyrehavsbakken at Klampenborg is going to have open at Christmas.

And next year will be the first year without the Crazy Christmas Cabaret.

Hmmm. I wonder if I can persuade certain people to start a new holiday tradition, or at least to give it a try? I mean, classic Christmas Lunch in Korsbæk sounds like an obvious thing for them to do for the holidays, and that might be fun?

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December 13th, 2017

10:20 pm: Wednesday Reading Meme
I really should be writing my yuletide fic instead of, well, anything. Oh well. That's what the weekend will be for. Why do I always do this sort of thing to myself?

What I've recently finished reading

Jan Guillou: 1968
I liked this better than the previous book, but it keeps the same main character. Essentially, the book series seems to be moving away from fictionalized family saga and into the realm of fictionalized autobiography. Further complicated by the inclusion of a character that is the main character from another autobiographical novel. I got the author's actual autobiography from the library, just to have something to compare and contrast with from here on out.

Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland: The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Finally. That took - forever. Neal Stephenson is always a slow read for me. It's an excellent book, actually. Scientists bringing magic back and using it to time travel and there's a mix of science fiction and historical fiction and time travel paradoxes everywhere. And they visit Constantinople at the time of the Varangian Guard, which is nice. It's frustrating though - it's long and dense, and yet there are so many things unanswered, and it feels like the first book in a series, and yet there are no signs of more to come?

Riad Sattouf: L'arabe du futur volume 3.
Finally she's beginning to show signs of wanting to get away from this life. Finally. Please tell me the next chapter is all about a divorce. (The author's mini-biography not mentioning growing up in Saudi Arabia gives me hope.)

G. Willow Wilson: Ms. Marvel: Civil War II
Why do everybody always think these major events are a good idea? They're annoying.

Jonathan Green: Howl of the Werewolf
This was fun. I used to read all the books of this sort I could get my hands on as a kid - in more or less terrible translations, back then. I'm pretty sure this one has never been translated to Danish, anyway. So it was nostalgic, leafing back and forth and writing down things I found (and then cheerfully skipping the fight bits and always assuming I won, because the fights are no fun anyway, and then backtracking and seeing where the other choices led.) It's such a delightfully gothic horror, Hammer movie style world to explore.

Ben Aaronovitch: The Furthest Station
Fun. All the ghosts, a bit of policing, and a random water baby.

Svend Åge Madsen: Af den anden verden
I'll admit that as a technical exercise in worldbuilding - a society created by a group of heavily traumatized and utterly amnesiac people, isolated from all others - it's interesting. I don't find it realistic, but interesting. As a story? Not my thing.

Maggie Stiefvater: The Raven Boys
I must admit, I didn't expect that much from this book going in. So many others have been enthusiastic that my expectations were conversely low - too many bad experiences with so-called bestsellers over the years, I'm afraid. It took some time to get going and I'm still not exactly overwhelmed by it, but I'm curious enough that the next is requested at the library. I'm just enough whelmed, I suppose.

What I'm reading now

Nothing. Just finished one book. Will start a new tomorrow.

What I'm reading next

Jesper Wung-Sung's En anden gren, because it sounds interesting.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 189

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December 6th, 2017

05:28 pm: Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo the God of War
Aka the episode where the promo looks like the costume department has been binge watching Vikings.

Well, Stein might be dead, but it appears he's not entirely done yet.

I feel that the puppet might have been a bad call.

Nate? Stop pretending to be a historian? Please. That is not what happened, as far as we know. The colony was never big, the locals don't seem to have been friendly towards the colonists, and frankly? The Scandinavian population surplus at the time didn't need the space. Not to mention that a) there weren't that many vikings in Greenland in the first place and b) having to cross the cold North Atlantic when you could go all sorts of interesting places south instead can't have been that attractive.

Also, I am offended by the implication that the old Norse would mistake a silly Furby-knock-off as anything other than a trinket. (Not to mention that the "God" would run out of battery soon enough...)

Twisted Beebo's words? Listen, I can by anachronisms conveniently learning the appropriate language for where they land. But Beebo? Is a toy! It's not talking, it's producing recorded noises. How the hell?

Bad Leo. No ruining Mick's beer. Yes, Mick has a problem, but this tactic? You are getting a fist to your smug little face, Leo.

Nu' det jul igen, og nu' det jul, og julen var lige til ....

A bunch of vikings showing up in Vinland without even a ship? Not suspicious at all...

Well, Mick would have wanted to go out in a pyre?

And Beboo's toast.

Meanwhile, Damien and his daiughter have been watching too much Wagner.

Have we seen a jumpship from the outside before?

Awwww, Leo and Mick really rub each other the wrong way.

Ray makes a very weird god.

Looks like we're losing Jax as well as Stein?

Constantine sneaking aboard the Waverider. Because of course he does.

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November 29th, 2017

09:57 pm: Wednesday Reading Meme - actually on a wednesday
I guess I haven't been doing much of interest these last couple of weeks. I went to see Justice League - it was underwhelming. Not even terrible, just - meh. Watched the DC CW shows crossover, as you might have noticed. That sort of thing. Caught some Farfetch'ds. Have yet to participate in a Ho-Oh raid. The raids have started stopping earlier in the evening since we switched to winter time. It's annoying for a working person like myself.

What I've recently finished reading

Christina Vorre: Forladt: fortællinger fra 20 ubeboede danske øer
Reading this book - which is a short collection of stories from a number of formerly inhabited, but now abandoned islands in Denmark - we've got so many, many islands, most uninhabited - made me think of the the current "war" between Copenhagen and Outer Denmark, which mostly seems to exist in the minds of the latter. These islands were the exact same story, just earlier. The entire modern period has been the movement away from small, lonely country areas, and probably a lot of that has to do with the fact that small and remote areas are actually hard to get all the modern conveniences we require out in. I mean, who wants to live somewhere where you can't even expect a cellphone to get a signal? What if you need to call an ambulance?

Grant Morrison: Wonder Woman: Earth One vol. 1.
Well. That was a trainwreck. What the fuck did I just read? Amazons being - very, very, very into "loving submission", and canon lesbian Diana wanting an African-American Steve Trevor to put on a collar and lovingly submit and in general? This is a trainwreck of a comic? WTF? I just - I adore the character of Diana, but the Azzarello comics I read were just weird and this is? Why can't I find a nice comic about Wonder Woman? Am I just getting the wrong ones?

Mike Mignola: B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs

Siri Pettersen: Evna
And so the tale of Hirka ends, with the Ability restored and Ymsland needing to do some serious rebuilding. I liked this trilogy. And it vaguely amuses me that, if this ever makes it into a movie, that the filmmakers will have all the excuses in the world to include all the leather bikines and bondage gear.

Katrine Sommer Boysen & Sophie Engberg Sonne: Filmens københavn: hovedstaden i levende billeder
Gorgeous book. Not deep, but lovely.

Kojo Svedstrup Jantuah: Odyssey to Elsinore: reconciliation with the past in order to move forward
On one hand it's an interesting book. Written by a Ghanese academic, telling about his youth, where he travelled across Sahara, following the same dangerous routes the current migrants use, his work for reconciliation after the history of slavery, and his visits in Denmark to search for his relatives, as he's a descendant of one of the last Danish officers in the Danish African colonies before we sold them to England. It's a lot of interesting subject matter. Sadly, it's not really a very engaging book, but I'm not sure if that's because Jantuah is not a skilled writer, or because he's writing in a narrative tradition that I'm not used to reading and therefore not quite capable of appreciating properly.

Fred Van Lente: Ivar, Timewalker: Making History
I'm giving it one more volume.

Warren Ellis: Injection vol. 1.
I am not entirely sure what's happening, but I'm intrigued.

What I'm reading now

Jan Guillou's 1968 and Neal Stephenson's The Rise and Fall of DODO.

What I'm reading next

All the fanfic, probably.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 181

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04:45 pm: Crisis on Earth-X reaction post: The Flash & LoT
Before I start - if, as a certain spoilery image I saw late last night implied, we're getting canon queer Len Snart - I want him to be a widower. Literally. I want that to be why there probably is no Mick Rory on Earth X. I'm not convinced that is something they'll give me, but I want it anyway.

The Flash

Why have they not been processed? Why have the heroes been dumped in the KZ camp with their uniforms, with their hair, with no identifying triangles?

Also, Jax has no manners.

There's a certain irony in Cisco getting a taste of his own horrible illegal private prison.

Seems awfully wasteful, first sticking the heroes in a KZ camp and then marching them straight out to be shot.

Hey, Len!

For someone who is has visited several Earths, Barry seems slightly not quite clear on how the doppleganger thing works. And Earth-1? Wasn't that just the numbering system Team Flash was using?

While I sympathize with the heroes wanting to go home, I also think the General has a point. Besides, some heroes - they are on literal Nazi Earth and they just want to go home? No helping the good fight?

Yay! Canon queer Leo Snart! But oh, why did it have to be with Russell Tovey's character?

I'm still not clear on how Thawne is even alive? The Black Flash is such a slacker.

Even the Waverider has been nazified :-(

Leo being all offended by Len's approach to planning :-)

Didn't anybody ever tell Stein not to split up Firestorm while fighting Nazis? I don't like where this is headed.

Legends of Tomorrow

So, Stein was only mostly dead and gets to valiantly stagger and get shot a bit more? I assume he'll be dead by the end of this episode.

So, apparently Ray can do creepy things like embiggening his hand now?

Mick has his priorities straight, I see.

Yes, Barry. You should have just eloped. Superhero weddings never run smoothly.

Okay, so Leo meeting Mick is less emotional and more ridiculous. Well, clearly emotional for Leo. And of course Earth-X Mick died in a fire - except. A police station. On an Earth where the Nazis won the war ages ago, Mick saving police officers - wouldn't those be nazis? Did the show actually mean to imply that or is that just spectacularly bad writing and the writers not realizing what they just implied?

Where do they keep getting more nazis from anyway?

I get they are making Leo the opposite of Len, a believer in justice and law, but - they are all fighting evil invading nazis. Why does he care about Mick roasting one?

Since when can Cisco fly the Waverider?

Landing on the ground or landing in a steeled-up Nate's arms? Both should probably have broken bones, even on Kara.

Awww, Leo wanting to hug Barry.

Is anybody else constantly getting mood whiplash from this crossover?

So - we've got nice person Leo Snart, who appears to be in a committed relationship with the Ray, staying for a bit on Earth-1. Meaning if he flirts and kisses anybody, he'll be an asshole. Guess the Captain Canary shippers are going to be less than thrilled...

Barry? Stop kidnapping people without warning.

Everybody's married. The end.

Okay. Final thoughts: I actually liked it. The crossover. I still think the whole thing would have worked just fine with vampires instead, and really, they shouldn't have killed Stein, but - I don't think it glamourized nazis, at least? Though I'm not sure I'm the person to judge here. And the story itself worked well enough. It felt far more cohesive than last season's crossover.

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November 28th, 2017

05:50 pm: Crisis on Earth-X reaction post: Supergirl & Arrow
Aka why are the superhero fiction currently obsessed with Nazis? (Yes, yes, I know, current US politics, etc., but at least some of the stories - no clue yet if this is going to be one of them - has simply been in terrible taste.)

Part 1. Supergirl

Hey! Little Mick and Sara Hood.

"Sorry, didn't I try to kidnap you once?" Smooth, Mick, very smooth.

And that was the least smooth wedding proposal and answer I've seen in a while.

Sara and Alex - well, that was fast. And - apparently they didn't catch each other's names first?

Oh Mick, look before you sit down next to Captain Singh.

Why is Singh sitting on the bride's side, anyway?

Hmmm. Mysterious young woman probably disguised as a waitress talking to Barry about how happy she is that she got to be there at his wedding, how it's going to be one for the ages. Time travelling Allen Jr.?

You know, it's rude to kill the priest right at the forever hold your peace bit.

Is there some good reason not to yank the mask off the captive nazi?

Oh, look, it's evil nazi Oliver and Kara and Reverse Flash (Harrison? Eobard? You never know). What a surprise.

Part 2. Arrow

Where we start with getting tbe Earth-X 101.

And everybody's got relationship drama.

Wait, the Reverse Flash is actually our Reverse Flash? Wasn't he dead? For good?

Oliver Queen really is a Batman copycat. A Kryptonite arrow? Where did he even get Kryptonite on Earth-1?

Did Eobard just imply that he met Hitler in 1945? Wait - did Eobard create Earth-X?

Well, that's not a nice plan for Kara's future.

End of episode 2 and still not sign of Len.

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November 22nd, 2017

05:09 pm: LoT reaction post: Welcome to the Jungle
Nate is an ass and Amaya is not coping with her new relative well.

Damnit, Mick. You're always the go-to spiller of secrets, aren't you?

Kinda murky? No, not really - Cold War. Not wanting the communists to kick out the French. Not murky.

Mick is really not liking being in Vietnam.

Papa Rory, live and well.

"Officer Schwarzenegger." Nate, nate, nate - Rory ain't that rare a name. It wouldn't be suspicious.

Mick has all the daddy issues.

So - Stein has kidnapped brilliant scientists and forced them to do his work for him? And why Galileo? What use is Galileo in solving his Firestorm problem? Why not Tesla?

And there's a telepathic gorilla.

Are we going to get a plot involving Zari helping poor, persecuted gorilla meta Grodd? Please don't.

And look, they've remembered Mick's pyromania and added self-harming to the mix.

Awwwww, Mick. Don't say things like that.

Nate - stop interrupting. Zari and Ray were just about to have a major revelation, I think.

I didn't think a gorilla could look evilly smug.

Mick is still good at giving speeches, I see.

And apparently resolving his daddy issues fixes Mick's pyromania? And he doesn't want his lighter back? That - isn't usually how it works, is it?

I like Jax's reward for saving the president.

Correct me if I was wrong, or didn't the spoilers claim that Grodd was going to lead the new villain team? Because clearly, this is Damien's show.

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November 19th, 2017

08:51 pm: The end of an era
I was 18 years old the first time I got to squeeze into one of the narrow, crappy seats in Tivoli’s Glassalen one evening in december to see my first Crazy Christmas Cabaret.

I was taking high-level English in my 3rd year of gymnasium, and this was a thing the teacher had been arranging for years - taking the class to see an English panto. And I was sold.

I haven’t missed a year since then. Even the two years I lived in Esbjerg and had to cross the country by train back and forth, even those years I went. Many of those first years alone, once or twice with my sister and her now-ex (one of those years was the brilliant Bored of the Rings, which was so incredibly geeky and meta, with Vivienne McKee wanting to do an Arthurian tale and the cast rebelling every time she wasn’t on stage and turning it into a Lord of the Rings parody), and - for the last few years - I’ve managed to convince some nerdy fellow Danes to make it a nice Christmas tradition between us.

This year is the show’s 35th anniversary. It’ll be the 18th CCC I’ve ever seen - and the last. Vivienne McKee has announced that this will be the last CCC - and fair enough. She’s in her 60s and it’s her show, it wouldn’t be the same without her, it wouldn’t even be the same with her just behind the stage (they tried that one of the last few years and it wasn’t the same). Fair enough that they are ending while it’s great.

But it makes me so incredibly sad.

Ironically, the first show I saw? Science fiction themed. A Star Trek parody where the heroes had to fight the villainous Millennium Bug. And this year? Science fiction again - more of a Star Wars parody, this time, and the gallery looks promising. I’m looking forward to when I’ll be going to see it just before Christmas - and at the same time? I will be so very, very sad.

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