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08:33 pm: Books and Comics of January 2017

Leigh Bardugo: Crooked Kingdom
Can I have a tv show? Yes and please and thank you?

Patricia Briggs: Cry Wolf

Bettina Buhl: Danskernes småkager: et småkageleksikon
This was actually quite interesting in places. The history, I mean - such as how, until recently, cookies were mostly boiled in fat, not baked, because ovens used to be crappier, or how sugar didn't actually become a central ingredient until the sugar beet revolution, because only the rich could afford sugar in large amounts before then. Oh, and also - cookies.

G.D. Falksen: A Cautionary Tale For Young Vampires
Not as good as the first novel, but still a delight.

Lisbeth M. Imer: Danmarks runesten: en fortælling

Martin Jensen: Sværdets bid
I liked this better than the last couple of books in the series. I liked the focus on Halfdan's moral dilemma instead of the (shortlived) murder mystery).

Paul Meehan: The Vampire in Science Fiction Film and Literature

Terry Pratchett: Raising Steam
I never thought I'd read a Discworld novel and end up having to conclude that it's just - well - bad. As in, it's not - the characters feel off, the plot is thin, the villains cardboard cutouts, everything's just. Not. Part of it, I suppose, is that Pratchett didn't write his last few books, he spoke them, but it still feels - unpolished. Wrong. And it makes me very, very sad.

Helene Th. Svolgart: Livets barske lektie III
Having read the first book, I considered saving this for a yuletide fandom next time. Now? No. Partly because the writer went completely different directions with her story, but oddly, I think mostly because she changed pov for the story. The first book was told through the eyes of Mike, mercenary ending up in sf max security jail and meeting Keelan. But the second book was mostly Keelan as is this one, with some of Keelan's daughter and a little Mike. It's not a bad story, it's just - it's funny what sort of things can make the story engaging, isn't it?

Mich Vraa: Haabet
It's a good book, but I must admit, it felt a bit - made to order? The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, the only morally dubious fellow gets a redemptive death in the end. That sort of thing? It's a bit too pat.

Jill Paton Walsh: The Late Scholar
Well, I liked it better than the first of Walsh's Wimsey books, but that doesn't exactly make it good.


Ed Brubaker: Fatale: Pray for Rain

Brian Buccellato: Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion

Kurt Busiek: Astro City: Victory

Gerry Duggan: Deadpool: Axis
Wait - this was an actual Marvel event? Seriously? Is it just me or is Marvel getting weirder?

Kieron Gillen: The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act

Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato: The Flash: Reverse

Steve Orlando: Midnighter: Out
I was a little worried whether I'd like this new mainstream DC verse Midnighter, and it saddens me that he and Apollo split up, but it's actually quite good.

Jacques Tardi: La position du tireur couché

Yana Toboso: Black Butler 21.

Joshua Williamson: Ghosted: Death Wish

Total number of books and comics read this month: 21
Currently reading: Smertensbarn by Mette Finderup and Mørke guders templer

Total number of books and comics read this year: 21

Which reminds me, I really should get around to doing some statistics on the books I read last year.

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