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December 9th, 2030

04:24 pm: My fiction
I have chosen to stop trying to keep this fic post updated. Instead, you can find a full, updated look at what I've written at my AO3 account.


November 11th, 2030

06:27 pm: TV series list - to watch
Recommendations are quite welcome

Don't mind me, just starting a list of all those tv series that I want to watch as opportunity arises...Collapse )

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April 27th, 2017

07:09 pm: Thursday Reading Meme
As mentioned, I went to see Guardians. It was fun. It started a bit slow at first, but once it got properly rolling, well - it was silly and sad and fun. Pure entertainment. A little spoilery beyond this cutCollapse )

What I've recently finished reading

Rachel Aaron: The Spirit Rebellion
Rachel Aaron: The Spirit Eater
The first book in this series was great fun. The next was okay, and so was the third, but I'm not exactly sad that the Danish library don't have the last two. They've been moving from mostly light-hearted fantasy heist stories to a bigger, we need to save the world from the Demon (and probably the Shepherdess as well, who is creepily obsessed with Eli Monpress, our protagonist thief and mage) fantasy cliché plotline. And also, while I do think the author is deliberately working on a "neither Light nor Darkness is exactly good" kind of thing, then her main antagonist of our "heroes" - a wizard repeatedly hunting the band of thieves and trying to bring Eli back for trial - well, I'm, not entirely sure whether the author realizes that she had her basically waterboarding Eli for a bit in the last book.

What I guess I'm saying is that the series started as fun, but is moving in directions that I am not left feeling that I need to keep reading it for.

What I'm reading now

Greg Van Eekhout's California Bones, which I'm almost done with (and this one I am sad that the Danish libraries don't have the sequel to - I might need to make a special request for it), Henrik's Cavling's Det danske Vestindien, which could have used a foreword, but which is also making me get a grasp of exactly how far away from Denmark those islands were even as late as that, and the first volume of Thit Jensen's Stygge Krumpen.

What I'm reading next

Decisions, decisions

Total number of books and comics read this year: 78

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April 26th, 2017

10:39 pm: Your regularly scheduled wednesday reading meme will, in fact, not be happening today, on account of the fact that I just came home from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

It might possibly happen tomorrow.

Spoilers: I am Groot.

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April 19th, 2017

09:51 pm: Wednesday Reading Meme
So, what's going on in my life. Well, I spent the Easter weekend with a group of highly suspicious individuals. And thinking that I might want to go see Guardians of the Galaxy on wednesday.

Also, I should probably get around to doing a doodle, seeing if there's any weekend this summer that people would be interested in dropping by.

What I've recently finished reading

Shirley Jackson: The Haunting of Hill House
I found myself very much liking Eleanor - the spinster who finally does something a little rebellious and then everything ends up going - less than well. She deserved so much better. And I was a little fascinated by Hill House itself - I ended up with a mental image out of German expressionist films.

Johan F. Krarup: Styrelsen

Rachel Aaron: The Spirit Thief
Another result of my need for high fantasy heists, and this one's okay. Not nearly as good as Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom (I suspect few books are), but Eli Monpress is a charming scoundrel - all the spirits of pretty much everything seems to agree - and it's a very light read.

What I'm reading now

Rachel Aaron's The Spirit Rebellion, which is still quite relaxing entertainment, and Hannu Rajaniemi's The Quantum Thief, which is - I think I might have liked it better if I'd read it when it was published and not now that I've read newer space opera.

What I'm reading next

Rachel Aaron's The Spirit Eater - mostly because it's an omnibus edition.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 76

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April 12th, 2017

09:28 pm: Wednesday Reading Meme
In not reading news, I just watched the second episode of the new Prison Break. I'm quite enjoying it, though I yearn for whenever we'll finally get that Michael Scofield/Lincoln Burrows hug. I've got a craving, okay?

Also, I might have bought my summer vacation.

What I've recently finished reading

Bernard Cornwell: The Empty Throne
I'm a little sad that the book didn't stick with Uhtred the Younger's pov beyond the prologue. Uhtred Senior is starting to feel a bit - same-ish? Oh well, there's only a couple more books in the series currently.

Andrzej Sapkowski: The Last Wish
I found this surprisingly enjoyable. I mean, it's a fairly standard fantasy world - a bit worn, civilization gaining on the wild lands and monster hunters not as needed anymore - and I quite liked the random fairytale narratives popping up everywhere and the faintly Eastern European feel to some of it. That said - I am hesitant to request the second book, though partly, that's because that would mean switching from Danish to English, and I don't know if the English translation would lose the feel of the story as it was in the Danish. I mean, I could wait and hope for the second book to be published in Danish, but I checked Gyldendal's website and there's not even a hit of a publishing plan, so...

Speaking of English translations - am I correct in guessing that the word witcher is not to be found in the Polish original text? Because the translator used witcher and among all the Danish words for supernaturals, many drawn from folklore, it felt jarring, and I can't help but suspect it's all the computer game's fault, that Gyldendal wanted to draw in the gamer audience by keeping that (the book cover references the game, so that's a no-brainer, really), and it annoyed me, because it just doesn't fit with the rest of the text, and otherwise the translation felt quite good, so I can't help but suspect that the translator was given an order as far as that went.

Makoto Yukimura: Vinland Saga book 5.
I still find reading about the viking age through Japanese eyes interesting, and I still think this manga's version of southern Jutland would make more sense in the deep Swedish forests.

G.D. Falksen: A Long-Awaited Treachery
I must admit, this series - I loved the first book and greatly enjoyed the second, but this one? Not so much. I mean, I like the characters, it just felt - maybe too straightforward? Too small, somehow? And not a single werewolf in sight, and I missed them.

J.M. DeMatteis: Justice League Dark: Lost in Forever
And done. Seriously, reading Vertigo characters stuffed into a DC superhero team never stops being odd. It just - everybody feels wrong.

What I'm reading now

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, which I might sit down and read a bit more of after I finish this post, and The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi, which I can so far only say starts well.

What I'm reading next

You tell me: science fiction anthology, viking werewolves, high fantasy thief or noir superheroes?

Total number of books and comics read this year: 73

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April 8th, 2017

11:53 am: I'm trying to decide whether to:

A) deleted my LJ entirely

B) continue what I've been doing and crosspost the DW posts I make to LJ. Possibly disable commenting over there, so as only to get comments on DW.

C) leave my LJ as is, but stop crossposting

Decisions, decisions

(I backed it up on DW during one of the earlier panics. All that's purely on LJ are a number of comments on posts made after that. And honestly? My LJ experience hasn't been lively in years).

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April 5th, 2017

10:41 pm: Wednesday Reading Meme
I am ridiculously mad at Legends of Tomorrow today. Just saying. I mean, there's bad writing and OOC and character assassination, and then there's having someone straight up murder the person he previously sacrificed his life for.

What I've recently finished reading

Cullen Bunn: Lobo: Beware His Might
I still don't get why somebody decided to suddenly make Lobo young and hot. It's all wrong.

Kieron Gillen: The Wicked + The Divine: Commercial Suicide.
This comic book series really is gorgeous, but while the entire fan culture/religious mysteries thing is interesting, it really needs to start actually revealing some of its secrets and mysteries. (Though I like how apparently they need to keep Sekhmet drunk to keep her from killing people all over the place.)

Maria Turtschaninoff: Anaché: myter från akkade
On one hand, this is an extremely well-written book with a gorgeous setting and a fascinating spirit world. It has an interesting, clever, good main character, and there are many things to like, between the gorgeous descriptions of life among the akkade, the spirit animals and also Anaché's marriage. I liked that bit quite a lot. The plot twist was interesting - not the most original, but well done. I just - I just wish this fantasy society didn't have to be so very patriarchal and oppressive, and the villain hadn't had to be essential a misogynist.

What I'm reading now

G.D. Falksen's A Long-Awaited Treachery, which has been put a little on the backburner, Bernard Cornwell's The Empty Throne, which at least didn't start with the main character losing all he had won last book for a change, and Andrzej Sapkowski The Last Wish, which might be winning me over, if the rest of it is as entertaining as the retelling of the Beauty and the Beast.

What I'm reading next

I'm in the middle of three books, meme, give me a chance? But if all goes well, possibly a tourist book on Bali.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 68

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April 1st, 2017

07:37 pm: Movies and TV Series of March
Zombies, superheroes and old tv shows

11. Resident Evil: Afterlife
Admittedly, I haven't seen any of the other RE movies (and I'm not planning to), but the plot was fairly straightforward. And it's an okay movie - not great, but reasonably entertaining. It felt very like a computer game, actually - different levels to fight your way through, with bosses along the way and new characters for your group to pick up along the way. Which - I suppose shouldn't come as a surprise, really...

12. Logan
I wonder how many people went to see this expecting a fairly standard superhero movie and found themselves watching a movie about all the indignities of old age and your own body betraying you in all manner of fun ways. (Possibly me, a bit - I'd mostly ignored trailers out of not wanting to be spoiled). But it's a very, very good movie - and far more adult than any of those Batman movies ever managed to be.

13. The Thing
You know, I need to watch 80s science fiction and fantasy. I mean, I've seen a lot, but it's just - genre movies with special effects before computers took it all over.

14. Due South season 2.
Some nice episodes, some less so (I'm sorry, I just never saw what was funny about Leslie Nielsen). Fraser is still adorable, Vecchio's fun, Thatcher's crush? on Fraser is frankly painful to watch - and then it got rounded off with a clip show episode, which made me think about the clip show as a tv show trope and how you never really see them anymore, do you? Somewhere between show formats moving from mostly episodic to mostly narrative and binge watching becoming a regular thing thanks to dvds and Netflix, they just - don't seem half as common anymore?

15. Prison Break season 1.
16. Prison Break season 2.
So - I thought I should sit down and watch this, because I've enjoyed Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Captain Cold and Heatwave, and since they're starting the fifth season of this in just a few days, well, I thought I should give it a try. I actually quite enjoyed the first season - it's been a while since I watched a prison show, and the escape plan narrative keeps it moving forward towards a definite goal. Which might also be why I was less than impressed with season two. It feels a lot messier, a lot more all over the place, and it keeps moving the goal posts, which feels a bit like cheating after the first couple of times. And then it does cheat the brothers out of their freedom in the end. Dangles it and takes it and it's back in jail. I wonder if the audience back in the day had the same reaction to the plot post-jailbreak and that's why it's back in jail for nearly the entire surving cast? (Including Mahone, who - sorry, not liking.) Anyway, I do like Michael Scofield, he's the kind of sneaky bastard character I enjoy, so that's something. (But it is physically impossible for me to watch the last two seasons before the show starts, and it's not like I haven't been spoiled for the main plot points of them anyway - so the question becomes: wait until after the fifth season is done and risk being disappointed after getting used to hopefully better writing or keep watching while the new episodes also air and risk getting them all tangled up? Probably the latter...)

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March 29th, 2017

09:31 pm: Wednesday Reading Meme
In which I just want to grumble about the new episode of Legends of Tomorrow, because people need to stop being mean to Mick, and I want Leonard Snart back with a characterization that is just a bit similar to how he's been at, well, at some point in either The Flash or LoT, really...


What I've recently finished reading

Kim Harrison: The Witch With No Name, which I mostly read to get done with the series (and I'm not touching the new prequel series the author's started). The series started well enough, but honestly? I've gotten very tired of the urban fantasy subgenre that stars a heroine who inevitably turns out to be not just supernatural, but super special and unique. Anyway, it's the last book, and it feels like all of the sudden the author remembered that she had a bunch of big plotlines that needed to get tied up, but that's how it goes.

Brian K. Vaughan: We Stand On Guard, which - the US really is the go-to evil country these days, isn't it.

Alfred Bester: The Stars My Destination. Can I have a movie starring Dominic Purcell? Okay, okay, focus on the book - it's interesting. I mean, it's science fiction, so obviously of its time, and it never quite seemed to be able to decide whether women were kept locked up or worked sensible, professional jobs. But I did like the sheer messy world of it, and sometimes I liked Gully Foyle and sometimes I didn't

Malkøbing museum - I liked the concept a lot. A short story collection centered around the exhibits in a small town museum - it just. The clippins surrounding each short story never quite manage to do what I always look for in that sort of thing, the stories themselves were - mostly okay, except that the first couple were set in the start of the 20th century and kept trying to make their characters sound time appropriate and not quite making it. I liked the concept, the execution could have been better.

Marini: Les Aigles de Rome V. Hey, look, I could have used some more enemy mine frenemy plotline in this series, but at the end of the day, reading about the Germans kicking the Romans asses at Teutoburg was perfectly entertaining, even if French comic books have their own set of standard comic book tropes that'll make me roll my eyes.

John Arcudi: B.P.R.D. 8: Killing Ground - which mostly reminded me why I stopped reading this series way back the first time around. Oh well, I requested the next volume before actually reading this, so I guess we'll give it one more chance.

What I'm reading now

G.D. Falksen's A Long-Awaited Treachery, which is the third in an absolutely ridiculous Victorian age with vampires and werewolves I'm greatly enjoying, Maria Turtschaninoff's Anaché, which so far has gorgeous nature and life descriptions, a fascinating spirit world and exactly the sort of patriarchal society I had feared it would have after reading Maresi, and Cullen Bunn's Lobo: Beware His Might, which still has the ridiculously wrong Lobo.

What I'm reading next

Either the next book in Cornwell's Saxon Stories or the first of the Witcher novels. Well. Unless the library wants something else back sooner.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 65

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