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December 9th, 2030

04:24 pm: My fiction
I have chosen to stop trying to keep this fic post updated. Instead, you can find a full, updated look at what I've written at my AO3 account.


November 11th, 2030

06:27 pm: TV series list - to watch
Recommendations are quite welcome

Don"t mind me, just starting a list of all those tv series that I want to watch as opportunity arises...Collapse )

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August 20th, 2016

07:18 pm: I'm back
I have returned from sunny Scotland (no, seriously, sunny - a bit of rain friday when I arrived and some rain on the friday when I left, but the days between - sunny and nice and warm).

Have spent an awful lot of time walking - seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to build Edinburgh across what is for all intents and purposes a canyon and a hill? And in layers? Seriously, it's a city to make city planners cry. (And with Fringe and everything there was too many people in the city center for me to get much Pokemon Go played - I did get a little done, especially walking to Leith, but not much).

I've done the tourist thing - seen the National Museum and National Library, the Botanical Gardens, the royal yacht, Surgeons Halls museums, the Writers Museum, done walking tours about writers and ghosts and underground chambers, and I went to the Tattoo (which was a lot nerdier at times than expected).

And then I caught the train to Inverness (which was ridiculously cheap, because I had bought tickets early - going all the way up and back down through half of Scotland cost me less than just getting from here to Odense) to visit the lovely starrose17 for a couple of days. We played minigolf, strolled in Inverness' tiny botanical garden, went to the cinema to watch Suicide Squad (which I actually liked), watched movies at her place (including Batman v Superman, which I was surprised to actually like as well, and Taxi, which is still fun and I hadn't seen it in ages), oh, and we went sailing on Loch Ness in absolutely gorgeous, sunny, warm weather - the poor guide on the boat was at a complete loss for words, that's how gorgeous the weather was - ending with a bit of time to explore the ruins of Castle Urquhart. It was great fun.

And now I am back in Denmark, where the rain has apparently been waiting for me. Typical.

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August 5th, 2016

05:32 pm: According to Politiken (and other people I know who have reported ridiculous amounts of Pokemon hunters there) the garden behind my once-a-week place of work is the absolutely best Pokemon hunting ground in the country.

And I've only had the game for a week, and it's my vacation, so I haven't even been by...

Maybe I should go to Copenhagen early monday - maybe get off at Østerport, see what a walk through Kastellet and then past Amalienborg and Nyhavn and onwards might net me (if nothing else a few kilometres) before going ghostbusting...

(Also, I should probably get the mobilepay app downloaded before monday, so nobody (you know who you are) will mock me if it's not there yet...)

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August 2nd, 2016

11:58 am: Ferie
This week and the next two is just vacation time.

I'll be heading for Scotland for a while, but until then my main plans involve - well, I want to see Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad. And play Pokemon - I finally got my new phone and everything, and we will not talk about how many rattatas and weedles I've been catching, because it's ridiculous. And read books and finish watching Cleverman and Preacher.

Maybe hope for a day when the weather will be nice and not threaten to rain at awkward intervals, because I've been thinking of going up to Hillerød for a bit - bring a book, find a nice bench in the castle garden and just hang. Or maybe go to Bakken and ditto, except with a rollercoaster ride on top. Maybe monday. Weather forecast for monday looks promising so far. Anybody want to go with me to Bakken on monday?

And I'm still writing Flash/Legends of Tomorrow fanfic, possibly as a rebound from Vikings (which still hasn't even gotten a date for season 4B, and the trailer for it pretty much has me convinced that Ragnar's about to die his snakey death, so... we'll see if I keep up with the show past season 4, because frankly, they might not be changing the title, but as radical changes as they're making, I think it's getting to be more in the nature of a spin-off than the same show). Though I'm unhappy, because it's all well and good that Wentworth Miller will be back next season (slightly off topic - should I watch Prison Break?), but I don't want Captain Cold as part of Legion of Doom, I want him as the token evil teammate/unreliable criminal sometime ally.

Anyway, writing Flash fic, and somehow that's made me write a fluffy threesome fic with more smut than I usually write. Which - I don't usually write smut, I suck at smut, how the hell did I write this fic anyway?

Making Up Is Hard To Do (7837 words) by oneiriad
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: The Flash (TV 2014)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Characters: Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Barry Allen
Additional Tags: Threesome - M/M/M, Domestic Fluff, Fluff and Smut
Summary: How the hell is Mick going to arrange his I-am-sorry-I-wasn’t-around-to-help-when-your-scumbag-dad-showed-back-up-look-I-got-you-the-superhero-kid-you-like-so-much threesome if he doesn’t even know the kid’s name?!

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August 1st, 2016

06:20 pm: Books and comics of july
BooksCollapse )

ComicsCollapse )

Total number of books and comics read this month: 25
Currently reading: Johnny Alucard by Kim Newman.

Total number of books and comics read this year: 148

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06:19 pm: Movies and tv series of July
July 2016Collapse )

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July 27th, 2016

05:11 pm: Vacation planning is hard to do.
Reading the catalogue for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

They've got a theater version of Terry Pratchett's Mort!!!

Except the only day I could have done that is the day I've got a ticket for the Tattoo :-( :-( :-(

Oh well.

(There are other things. So now I have to decide whether to go see Shake at the Edinburgh International Festival or something from Fringe. And I still need to pick a ghost tour of some sort. And apparently Fringe has a Book Lovers Tour, so there's that. And they're apparently premiering a documentary on Neil Gaiman, which just a few years ago I would have been so there for, but now? I dunno. (Also, a rather impressive amount of plays involving either Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes.)

Decisions, decisions. Anybody have any recs? Or recs for Edinburgh in general? Museums, places to stroll, best food in town?

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July 23rd, 2016

11:22 am: And new phone subscription ordered. With a ridiculous amount of data, because it was the cheapest... (don't ask me, I don't work there).

I'm keeping my old number, if anyone was wondering, so nobody need to worry about me suddenly not answering text messages or anything (except possibly on the day of transfer - which should be soon - we'll see.)


New phone ☑

New phone subscription ☑

Gotta catch'em all - pending

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July 12th, 2016

05:33 pm: Does anybody have any negative opinions about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Or positive ones?

(No, I am not seriously planning to go buy a phone because of a vague desire to try and play the new Pokemon game. I have been in the market for a proper phone for a year, at least, I think. But I am the person who finally got around to getting laser surgery because she wanted to try Himmelskibet in Tivoli).

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